Our Story

Building affordable custom solutions

Until recently, having an expensive, non-customizable and complicated telecommunication platform seemed to be an unavoidable burden for business owners. Thankfully, the recent advancements in technology provide us with an improved solution. As a result, we can now use cloud-based telecom platforms that offer an affordable and reliable business VoIP service.

Our team, having significant experience in the IT sector, realize that most operators providing a business VoIP service simply don’t use current technology to its full capacity and potential. This is why we decided to start SEMA Communications at first place.

We created a better cloud-based telecom platform for businesses. SEMA’s platform provides you with a VoIP system that is easier to use and offers more advanced, and more customizable features – at an affordable price.

We understand that a global marketplace for products and services puts pressure on business owners to impress their clients and cut costs. Because of that we’ve built SEMA Communications and PhoneBOX.WORK platform with the aim of providing a viable solution for businesses to communicate with their partners and customers. Our goal is to deliver a unified solution for all your business-critical communications.

At first place, SEMA is addressing the need for a cost-effective yet reliable business VoIP service. But we also provide you with a very flexible solution where you can customize almost any functionality yourself and manage your plan entirely online.

Corporate headquarters equipped with business office VoIP service.

Our Mission

We focus on improving B2B and B2C communications of small and medium-size businesses at an affordable price. Our mandate is to provide an extremely customer centric service in an increasingly competitive landscape. Furthermore, we are offering a business VoIP service of outstanding quality and reliability, allowing us to stand out in the crowd.

How? By improving communications between businesses and their customers while integrating with third parties to improve workflows as much as possible.

We use platforms that are 100% open-source. This way, we can offer custom and affordable solutions and build a business VoIP service for the modern business.

SEMA offers solutions for unified communications that help you grow on a budget and scale up and down depending on your needs. We also provide you with the hardware and devices you need to take full advantage of a reliable business VoIP service.  Our mission is to provide you with an extremely flexible solution. A solution where you have a completely custom business VoIP service and overall business communications.

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