How Does VoIP Work

How Does VoIP Work?

Technology behind your VoIP service seems quite simple on the surface. Actually, VoIP calling incorporates a number of advanced technologies that work together to provide a revolutionary communications channel. VoIP service in fact consists of three calling services that you can use interchangeably or as one service. Let’s take a look at how does VoIP work connection and save money on phone calls.


Analog telephone adapter

The most simple way to take advantage of VoIP telephony is by using ATA (analog telephone adapter). This way, you connect a standard phone to a computing device using your Internet connection to make a call.

The purpose of an ATA is to serve as analog-to-digital converter, which converts the analog signal into digital data. Then you transmit that data over the Internet to make or receive a phone call over a traditional phone line.

How it works? The ATA is converting the voice from an analog signal to a digital signal. The system sends those data packets to another location where they are being converted into analog signal and then they are transmitted over a traditional circuit switch (PSTN). Hence, you can call any traditional telephone anywhere or call another VoIP user.


IP Phones

A more advanced way to use VoIP service is adoption of specialized VoIP phones. These devices use Ethernet connector instead of the standard phone connectors and connect directly to your router. A reliable VoIP phone has all the hardware and software you need to make a call over the Internet.

Modern VoIP phones also feature Wi-Fi capabilities thus allowing users to establish phone connection using any Wi-Fi hot spot. A Wi-Fi hot spot can be your home or office router and any mobile device that is able to share its Internet connection.

VoIP to VoIP calls are performed entirely over the Internet. The platform transforms your voice into digital signals and transmits them over the Internet.



Most reliable VoIP service providers offer an option to make VoIP calls through a computer. The software behind computer-to-computer VoIP telephony allows you to make long-distance calls and has dozens of other features such as voice-to-email transcription, call hold, remote management, and phone number transferability.

Apart from hardware like a microphone, speakers, and a sound card, you only need a fast and reliable Internet connection to benefit from all the features of a computer-to-computer VoIP service. You can use both DSL modem or cable connection to use VoIP or even a satellite connection.

Computer-to-computer VoIP service is actually the same service you get through a VoIP-enabled phone device. What you need is broadband Internet connection through DSL, cable, T1, or a wireless connection. What is important is that you need an “always on” connection where bandwidth is no less than 128kbps for both upload and download. Usually, an uncompressed VoIP connection is using some 90kbs for downloading and uploading while compressed voice calls are using less. Nonetheless, you still need uninterrupted Internet connection to have good voice quality.


Content sharing using VoIP

When thinking how does VoIP work most people forget about the broader idea behind VoIP. It pertains to sharing any content over the Internet, not only making calls. Internet protocols that enable the very VoIP service are able to handle data a business is using to communicate other content as well. Virtual phone services allow you to make phone calls but they also enable you to send data online.

The VoIP technology can easily convert your charts or other data into digital signals to send to a partner abroad. In fact, converting voice and other data in digital format is all the same technology. Add that you can actually communicate for free in some cases and you get the broad picture.

After you know how does VoIP work, you should also have in mind that all the above technologies require a level of security not every VoIP provider can guarantee. Getting a reliable VoIP service is not only a matter of technology but also a mix of services that ensure your business is running smoothly and in a secure way.