SMS Marketing

Reach All Your Contacts at Once

We provide you with ability to send bulk SMS messages to your subscribers and create engaging marketing campaigns. Check now.

Advanced Solutions for Loyalty Programs

Provide loyalty rewards to your customers through SMS “punch card” or poll your contacts to enhance your service. Check now.

Manage Contacts and Take Advantage of Autoresponders

Benefit from our contact management module or send automated messages to subscribers and contacts. Check now.

Bulk SMS

Ability to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers

SMS Scheduling

Our script enables you to schedule out SMS messages months in advance.

2-Way Messaging

Subscribers can reply to campaigns, send you text messages, and engage you in 2-way chat.


Automatically send a custom message to contacts and subscribers.

Campaign Analytics

Track your campaigns to take a deeper look into which keywords are performing the best.

MMS / Picture Messaging

MMS capabilities to create a sense of urgency through rich media on every mobile phone,

Bulk SMS Messaging

Schedule your mass messages

Send messages one or multiple groups at once! Announce deals or discounts you want to promote and boost your sales.

Schedule your messages to retain customers and improve brand awareness. We provide you with functionality to have complete control over SMS sending times. Plan your marketing campaigns for months ahead.

View detailed delivery stats. Track number of successful messages, failed messages, reason the message failed, and remove subscribers who do not receive messages.

Desk with laptop and a notebook for drafting an SMS marketing campaign.


Create SMS contests to retain customers and promote products to loyal clients.

Broadcast From Phone

Start your SMS marketing campaigns through a simple text message on the go.

Facebook Integration

Share messages on your Facebook page and boost engagement rates among your fans.

Voice Messaging

Type in a message to convert into voice, or upload your own message via a MP3 file.

Custom Birthday SMS

Collect birthday dates of subscribers and send them a custom SMS to show you care a lot.

Segment Contacts

Use the segmenting function and easily create groups within your text marketing lists.

Polls and Loyalty Rewards

Onboard customers via a web based form

Engage your customers through text-to-vote polls. Use polls to promote deals and collect information aimed at creating customized offers.

Paper punch cards are not working . Switch to SMS “punch card” and provide loyalty rewards to your customers while building brand loyalty.

Enable prospects to join your SMS marketing list using a web based form. It is the easiest and most cost-effective method to reach and attract new clients.

Contacts and Autoresponders

Easy to use contact and subscriber management

Benefit from functionality to search on and manage all your contacts and/or subscribers inside the SMS marketing platform.

Use the segmenting function to create groups within your text marketing lists. Organize your contacts into groups and never again wonder where a customer or prospect is coming from.

Automatically submit a custom message to any new subscriber. Set your autoresponders to send an SMS back to the subscribers on a preset schedule to build brand awareness and engage new clients.

Contact management using a tablet.

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