Easy-to-deploy Platform

Set up your business VoIP system and start improving your operations within minutes

Call Forwarding

Service your customers instantly by intelligently forwarding calls to anywhere

Blind Transfer

Transfer the call to an extension, group or outside phone number, without confirmation.


Stop wasting money on conferencing apps – simply do it with our platform

Fax & voicemail by e-mail

Simplify and speed up every operation. Check and manage voice and fax from your inbox.

Attended Transfer

Confirm to the party that they have a call, then transfer the call.


Surprise your customers with custom-made interactive voice responses

Call recording

Save every conversation that is important to you with our inbound call recording feature

Use Multiple Devices

Use phone, tablet, PC, laptop or even web phone apps to make and receive calls

A person is using HD video over VoIP.

Connect with HD video and voice

High Definition Video and Voice support allow you to truly immerse yourself in your communication with your team

Intuitive management

Dashboard overview

Set up an entire office phone system, effortlessly manage users and their services, and provide business VoIP features — all within one intuitive interface

Simple pricing model

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. We believe understanding your phone costs should be as easy as possible, so we have implemented a very simple and up-front pricing model. There are no hidden fees!

Unlimited users / Extensions

Only pay for the lines you use! Unlike many competitors, we do not charge per user or extension. For instance, you can have 5 phone lines and 25 users/extensions and you will ONLY pay for 5 lines. Keep in mind, 5 phone lines mean that a maximum of 5 people can be on the phone with callers at the same time.




per line/per month

  • Unlimited local calling
  • CAN/US long distance - $0.035/minute*
  • Unlimited extensions
  • All features included
  • Phone number - $3/month
  • Toll-free phone number - $5/month
  • Toll-free incoming - $0.05/minute

Our firm is a high volume inbound-outbound call centre and we made the switch to a VOIP communications system in January 2017. We chose a system recommended by SEMA Communications and haven't regretted the decision.

We have all the bells and whistles a company would require and the flexibility to make our own changes. Our firm puts the system through its paces and its withstood the challenge.

Equally important to the system is the team supporting it. The folks at SEMA are attentive to our needs and continue to show genuine interest in seeing our firm flourish. Alex regularly makes recommendations or suggestions for us to consider. SEMA is a valued business partner of Priority Credit Recovery Inc.

Brad Lohner, Priority Credit Recovery Inc

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